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An A to Z of vocab learning tips

26 tips that will make your vocab learning faster and more effective.

A part of my job is  talking to language learners from around the world to see what they think about our ideas.   I try  to talk to at least one learner every day and in the last week alone I’ve spoken to people from Istanbul, Sao Paolo, Shanghai, Spain and Switzerland. It’s always a learning experience and not infrequently a humbling one!

I have been surprised that many language learners aren’t aware of techniques and strategies that academic research has proven to make vocabulary learning more effective.

We’ve spent a lot of time looking at these strategies as part of the development of Lingopolis and I’m also trying to use them in my learning of Turkish. I am going to share this info in the form of an A-Z of vocab learning tips – hope you find it useful!:

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